Medical Billing Services

Billing experts at EcareMD can handle virtually all aspects of the Medical Billing process including revenue cycle management and provider credentialing. Our experts are proficient on Medical billing softwares like Kareo, Practice Fusion, Zirmed, Waystar, Ability EASE, CureMD, Meditouch and other numerous mainstream and propriety platforms. When you get credentialed by EcareMD Medical Billing Team here are some of the benefits you will receive.


This allows for providers to see patients with coverage from a particular insurance, and payment rates are negotiated as part of the contracts.

Eligibility Verification

EcareMD will assist with eligibility verification training for you and your staff. This will teach you how to EcareMD the various types of patient responsibilities and how to ensure that they will get paid.

Billing and collections

EcareMD optimizes electronic submissions to 94%, which in turn allows for faster payment. Our EDI system screens each claim at every stage of submission to ensure proper payment.

Account Receivable

We run individualized reports for every service and claim filed. Our providers receive Accounts Receivables reports monthly, giving them an accurate account of all the payments collected.

Patient Billing

Our clients work with us to correctly understand and explain patient payment amounts. People are much less reluctant to pay their bills when they know to expect the charges.

Patient Help Desk

EcareMD will handle all patient questions concerning billing via our toll-free patient helpdesk number. Your patients can call EcareMD free of charge with any billing-related questions they may have.


On average, 12% of claims submitted by private practice owners go unpaid due to submission errors. That’s a full 12% of revenue that goes uncollected for services rendered.

Properly Submitted
0 %
Coding Errors
0 %
Untimely Filing
0 %
Carrier Misidentification
0 %

What Does 12% Mean To You?

Let’s estimate how much your practice might be losing because of faulty claim submission and follow up. This chart assumes average payment of $200 per claim.

The margin of loss per monthly submissions is $1,200 for ever 50 claims submitted.

A single mid-sized private practice provider submits approximately 4,000 claims annually.

That results in nearly $100,000 lost annually.