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I had the same lady doing the billing in my office for many years and when I realized it’s time for an upgrade, I was very nervous as I am very reluctant to change. So I turned to EcareMD, and they assured me they will make the transition as smooth…
Diana Simkhovich, OD
So there was this patient. Claim kept getting denied. The reason was something stupid like “CPT code not payable with linked diagnosis,” when we all knew that was wrong. Yet appeal, after appeal, after appeal, they kept denying. I honestly was ready to give up and just let it go. But the ladies at E-CareMD wouldn’t let it go…
Vizon NY, LLC.
After working for few years at the hospital, I decided to start a private practice. Soon I realized that seeing patients is not enough for building a successful practice and how unprepared I was to deal with arising billing issues. One of my colleagues connected me to E-CareMD.
Inna Murzakhanova, MD

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