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Not All Practices Are Made The Same

While many other billing companies are just claims processing centers, the services provided by E-Care Medical Billing don’t just stop at data entry and claims submission. We have a vested interest in helping our clients grow and establish their medical practices. Our most noteworthy goal is to take our established processes and make them work towards maximizing your reimbursement.

E-Care Medical Billing’s team of agents is fully equipped to navigate the red tape and follow through on collecting for our providers. We help you and your office build the right infrastructure to ensure that there is a very small margin of error. This happens in four stages: Credentialing, Eligibility Verification Training, Billing & Collections, Accounts Receivables.

We work with you and your staff to eliminate mistakes on every level, as a result saving large sums of money. This begins from the moment the patient walks into your office to the point that the claim was completed. Our agents are relentless. They especially follow every claim to ensuring maximum payment. They refuse to take no for an answer unless they have an undeniable reason. We also provide relevant tracking statuses, customized reports, and an array of other services to ensure that you are fully aware of every claim submitted.

The processes we have developed at E-Care Medical Billing allows us to apply it to almost any sized practice. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out and need guidance; or if you have a practice but you suspect it could probably be better. We are here – ready, willing, and able to help you raise your bottom line. We become a part of your work family; as a result, shielding you from the burden of this tangled web. That is our promise.


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