Determining member responsibilities is not always straight forward. EcareMD works with both insurance and non-insurance related patient billing. Member responsibilities come in different forms and classifications. Our clients work with us to correctly understand and explain patient payment amounts. People are much less reluctant to pay their bills when they know to expect the charges.

Deductibles and coinsurance amounts are just fancy words for the amount the member is expected to pay. In many cases, in-network contracted rates determine costs for members. As a result, it is necessary to assess insurance statements in order to create these bills.

EcareMD streamlines the process, which maximizes the amount of payments we collect. Also, we accurately assess patient costs and send out statements for fees not collected in the office at the time of service. Our belief is that successful patient billing stems from the approach.

In addition, many employers now provide Health Savings Accounts as a means to lower the cost of medical care. Due to the creation of HSA plans, there are growing number of requests for correctly bills in the correct format to be sent for reimbursement.ed bills. We provide patients with all the information they need , which consequently inspires appreciation and loyalty to our providers.

Furthermore, we are extremely sympathetic to rising costs due to changes in the healthcare system. Some patients have a hard time paying medical bills. We provide options for payment plans and track all fees we collect for our clients. This is helpful for those who just need a little extra time or flexibility.

Our goal is to collect payments without consequently discouraging patients from seeking services. Let us work to improve your collections for patient responsibilities.

The agents at EcareMD would be more than happy to evaluate your needs and create a custom made system just for your practice. Contact us today for more information.

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