Our goals for your mobile app is to not only provide users with a smooth, content-friendly interface, but to build an app that converts users to paying customers.



Nearly everyone can code, but its takes intelligence to develop apps that people love. Whether, you are startup who is struggling with their sales, a brand featured in Fortune 500, EcareMD also offering mobile app development service that is ready to create engaging, vibrant and soul-satisfying mobile apps that will drive business for your brand.

App Idea

You landed here because you have a mobile app idea. Something in your mind is claiming to become real.

App Launch & Promotion

After your app is fully developed and tested, we will upload it to App Store and Google Play. Now the fun begins!

App definition

After emailing us, you will analyze and define your idea with one of our mobile app consultants.

BI Consulting

Track how people use apps in order to know how they behave, which sections are most/least visited and why.

App Development

Once your mobile app's functional requirements are clear, our app developers will start coding.


Improve your app. Our developers will make it appealing and easier to use, and of course sexier. Engage more users to a best ROI.


Embrace the openness of the Android platform to create fast and sleek apps that service multiple devices. With over 2 billion daily users, Android’s is a highly coveted platform in which your mobile application must be able to convert users to paying consumers.

Create Your APP


Build a mobile app that makes the best of Apple’s platform, focusing on outstanding performance and polished user interface. With over 1.3 billion daily users, having an IOS app that converts can be essential to the long term growth of your business.

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