EcareMD handles all aspects of medical billing and revenue cycle management. Read our FAQs below for answers to commonly asked questions. For more information, please feel free to Contact Us.


Our packages are custom tailored to include all the needs of our clients. Pricing varies based on the types of services being provided and size of the practice. It also varies based on new or already credentialed providers and practices. We are happy to provide a package price for you, once we get some additional information. Please click here to contact us for more information.

EcareMD has the capability to service any privately owned medical practice and specialty. Additionally, we are able to apply the process we have developed to any medical specialty. Every package is customized for every specialty and office size.

Furthermore, we have an entire division that specializes in Vision and Medical Optometry. This division which works solely with OD specialists and optical owners.

Our office is not equipped to handle clinics or hospitals. Our expertise is with privately owned physician and group practices. This includes PCs, Inc., LLCs, PLLCs, and Sole Practitioners.

The majority of our clients are in the state of New York.

However, we offer similar services for any state in the United States. Also, we do have clients with whom we have remote relationships. We are able to remote into any EHR system setup, and much of our interaction even with locally based clients is remote as well.

We are able to provide credentialing services and revenue cycle management for claims to any insurance provider in United States.

Additionally, we have a specialized mastery in  New York “Downstate” insurance carriers.To see a list of most common insurances we work with, please click here.


EcareMD is able to work with ANY electronic medical records system. Remote access such as server based systems, cloud based systems, or remote computer logins allow us to connect with any client. We have extensive experience working with EcareMD Office Mate, My Vision Express, Practice Fusion, and Office Ally EHR. We use Office Ally – Practice Mate for claims tracking, reporting, and invoicing.

Many optometrists are unaware that they are allowed to bill medical insurances for procedures and testing. Most vision insurances do not contract optometrists for medical procedures, and only allow for routine screenings and in some cases cover glasses. These insurances work on the assumption that an OD’s simply to screen patients and then refers them to an ophthalmic specialist.

Vision insurances do not recognize the need for optometrists to treat medical issues. However, there are some medical insurances that do recognize optometrists, both directly and under the umbrella of an optical establishment. These insurances pay for testing and even in some cases for minor surgical procedures. Also, some medical insurances will pay even pay for materials.

Additionally, many ODs find it difficult to figure out how to bill for medical services. Each insurance has their own rules on how much and what they pay for. It’s a long uphill battle to learn how to submit claims properly. These are some of the reasons why Infinite Medical Billing developed a whole division specifically for optometry. It is a unique specialty of medicine that has very different rules.

Our roster includes 25 different vision screening centers that employ collectively over 40 optometrists in New York City. We have a highly developed team of medical billers with years of experience and knowledge on how to properly bill medical optometry services.


The average turnaround on a clean claim from the date it is submitted is about 30 days.. However, some insurances take more time depending on how the claims are submitted, as well as insurance specific cycle periods. This also does not factor into account any denials or appeals required.

We do our best to ensure payment on first time submissions, but also work tirelessly in order to make sure payments accurate.

Most insurance companies take about 90 to 180 days for credentialing. This period starts from the time they receive all needed documents. Some insurances take more time depending on how backed up their departments are.

Credentialing periods also depend on if the network is open. In many cases, insurances will close their doors to new providers if their networks are full. We encourage our new providers to start this process early, so it doesn’t interrupt their ability to see patients.

Constant followup is needed for applications to be correctly processed and in a timely manner. We do our best to push insurances for quick processing.

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