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In many cases the patients have to pay for a part of the services they get from an office. It becomes difficult get patients to pay their bills if their portion is not explained to them before being seen. EcareMD will assist with eligibility verification training for you and your staff. This will teach you how to EcareMD  the various types of patient responsibilities and how ensure that they will get paid.

Additionally, we assist in setting up electronic eligibility verification for some insurances. EcareMD will train you and your staff on how to run the reports. Additionally, we teach you what information to look for and where/how to get what’s missing.

Our training includes:

Many denied claims begin with errors in verifying eligibility. Being handed an insurance card doesn’t necessarily mean that the insurance will pay for services. All services must be checked prior to the patient being seen. Each insurance company will have its own guidelines for covered services.

EcareMD offers training to help you and your staff learn the correct ways to ensure a patient is covered. We teach you what to look for, the right questions to ask, to identify key information and translate it to the patient.

We also provide tools to identify network participation status. (In vs. Out of Network) and office id numbers, as well as a breakdown of plans in each network.

The agents at EcareMD would be more than happy to evaluate your needs and create a custom made system just for your practice. Contact us today for more information.

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