Credentialing is the process of joining an insurance company’s network. This allows for providers to see patients with coverage from a particular insurance, and payment rates are negotiated as part of the contracts. It is basically the first hurdle of red tape medical professionals need to overcome in their careers.

EcareMD handles credentialing for many different specialties, states, and insurance companies.

On average, it takes about 90-120 days to credential a new provider with an insurance. This process also applies to providers who change offices, but the time frame for contract changes is about 30-60 days. Each insurance has it’s own application and it’s own requirements to join the network. Some insurances also require separate applications for group practices.

This process is time consuming and confusing. It is extremely important to provide all documents and constantly follow up in order to speed up the process. Paperwork often gets lost or denied for technicalities due to lack of organization in many insurance companies. Errors greatly increase the amount of time it takes to get providers on panel.

The agents at EcareMD have this process down to a science. We determine if panels are open for our for our providers based on which insurances they wish to participate with. Our clients then provide us with one complete set of information. We prepare and submit the all applications, after which we follow the application through every stage until completion.

EcareMD has no direct affiliation with any insurance company. Additionally, we cannot guarantee specific insurance networks are available or approval of any application. However, we work hard to submit all applications in a timely manner, and expedite processing to the best of our abilities.

Contacting Providers
Contacting provider relations departments of each individual insurance provider to request participation.
Completing Applications
Obtaining and completing lengthy applications and contracts.
Compiling the necessary secondary paperwork for credentialing.
Mailing out application packets to the appropriate insurance providers.
Follow Up
Following-up on receipt and proper completion of submitted documentation.
Timely Processing
Continued follow-up to ensure timely processing of applications.
Provider IDs
Obtaining provider identification numbers.
Web Portals
Obtaining access to insurance providers’ web portals for eligibility and benefits.

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The credentialing process takes on average 60-90 days for approval, given that the panel is currently available for a given specialty and the application is submitted completely. EcareMD assumes the whole burden on obtaining, completing, compiling, and submitting credentialing information on behalf of our providers.

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