Billing & Collections

Primary Billing

Electronic medical claim submissions allow for the most accurate and efficient reimbursement rates. EcareMD optimizes electronic submissions to 94%, which in turn allows for faster payment. Our EDI system screens each claim at every stage of submission to ensure proper payment. We also generate submission reports that ensure receipt and correct processing of claims. In the event that the insurance company does not accept electronic submissions, paper claims are sent instead. This makes collections much more manageable for all our clients.


Denial Assessment

There are many potential reasons a claim may deny. This ranges from incorrect demographic information to claims that are sent to the wrong insurance in error.  In some cases, insurance companies process claims incorrectly or deny for incorrect reasons. Furthermore, due to the tedious nature of claim submissions, mistakes do happen. EcareMD pursues all available methods for appealing claims to correct them to get payment as quickly as possible. Denial assessment includes individually billed codes on every claim. We assist our providers with accurate coding of claims to minimize denials.


Secondary Billing

Some patients may have multiple or secondary policies. If automatic crossover is not available for an insurance carrier, we forward  secondary claims for processing where applicable. Market research suggests that nearly 16% of physician revenue goes uncollected due to lack of followup on secondary claims.


Claim Appeals

As a result of the consistency and accuracy of claims EcareMD submits, our appeals process is significantly more efficient than most. We guide every appeal through the necessary processing channels to have them correctly paid. With traditional systems, many of these claims are given up on and written off by the physicians. We actively pursue all claim payments to raise the bottom line for our doctor’s practices.


Code Optimization

The sum of out extensive knowledge in medical billing and our clearinghouse, EcareMD system enhances the accuracy of ICD-10, CPT, and HCPCS codes we submit. This minimizes the likelihood of claim rejections and maximizes the rate of appropriate payment. The screening system we have developed ensures that we submit all claims are accurately and quickly receipt of funds.


Claim Status Reporting

EcareMD keeps a record of every claim at every stage of its processing. Additionally, we are able to obtain most records of claim payments electronically from all insurances that provide them. We keep accurate stage by stage notes on every claim submitted until receipt and posting of payment. This includes notes on appeal statuses and all additional requested information.



Submissions To Over 5,000 Payers

ICD-9 To ICD-10 Auto-conversion

Diagnosis And Procedure Code Optimization

Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA/EOB) Whenever Possible

Real-time Claim Status

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Stage Claims Reporting

Outstanding Claims Reporting

Secondary Claim Submissions

Auto-correction And Appeals Services

Patient Billing

The agents at EcareMD would be more than happy to evaluate your needs and create a custom made system just for your practice. Contact us today for more information.

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