Account Receivable

Getting a check mailed or electronically deposited is not the end of the claims tracking process for EcareMD. Our accounts receivables services provide code specific payment posting for each claim we submit.

We run individualized reports for every service and claim filed. Our providers receive Accounts Receivables reports monthly, giving them an accurate account of all the payments collected. These reports aid in bank reconciliation. Additionally EcareMD sets up all electronic payments and remittances where possible.This allows for simpler and quicker deposits of payment for services. We don’t just get you paid, we want you to know exactly what you are getting paid for.

Also, in many cases insurances have flawed systems. They have the ability to both under and overpay a claim. Or they decide that a patient wasn’t eligible for services well after payment has been made. We at EcareMD are able these discrepancies and determine which requests are in fact valid, and which ones need to be disputed. Our goal in this, as in all of our services, is to ensure that you receive and retain proper reimbursement for providing care to your patients.


The agents at EcareMD would be more than happy to evaluate your needs and create a custom made system just for your practice. Contact us today for more information.

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